Yogya, Never Ending Story !

Yogya ..

Since the last 5 years I left Yogya, 28 August 2012 would be memorable date ever. I attended my cousin graduation ceremony at UGM Yogya. My brother and I went by train after office hour. We went there by train. You know what? We almost left by the train, we arrived there just before 5 minutes the train left. We run fast and we couldn’t imagine when we arrived and the train has gone since the graduation would be held in the next day. I really enjoyed the trip. We arrived at Tugu station at 7 o’clock. We went to the motel in Blimbingsari by taxi.

After had a breakfast and took a bath, we went to Graha Sabha Pramana. Because the procession haven’t finished yet, I went to Economic Faculty to see what’s new there and you know what, I saw high rise building called Pertamina building, but I decided not to enter the faculty because the time was limited. The buliding looks amazing and completed by lift. I just took some picture in front of the faculty. I also amazed by the new look of ‘bonbin’. Bonbin means kebun binatang. It called bonbin because the place was unorganized and dirty, but it was fun to eat there. it was my fav canteen when I was in college, eventhough the place quite dirty the price of the food is cheapest among others. Now bonbin become cleaner and the name is become Mandiri Canteen because the canten was built by mandiri bank. We had breakfast (again) there. Hmm, the food stan is more well organized now, but honestly I miss the old looks of bonbin. After that,┬áBy using bus, I went to Yu Djum to buy gudeg for ceu erma. And this is the first time I went there. Why? Because when I was in college, I didn’t like gudeg, but now I love it. The last destination was bakpia podjok in monjali street. I was amazed because there is a new way from Mc donald bride in Pasca Sarjana building to monjali and pass my boardinghouse. Then, I went to GSP again because the graduation procession was over. We took some picture and I was congratulate my cousin for his graduation and got ST tittle. We hope he get success in career and life. Aamiin..at 3pm, we have to back to Jakarta. I will be back again someday.aamiin..

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