Tips Lolos Toilet Training Melalui Buku

I was thinking about toilet training since few monts ago. But, not yet started. Then, I read a news about a baby who got ISK (infeksi saluran kemih) due to pampers usage all the time.

Abin used pampers almost all day long. So, we should spent enough budget for it, and it reduced my budget for lipstick. Lol

So, I bought training pants. But, its too big for Abin. Then, we forget about toilet training :p

So, last month I commited to start toilet training. First, I bought book set about toilet training. I was helped. Here’s the book and I bought it at Shoppe.

I tried to convey the message of the book to Abin and he understood. Sometimes, I bring to the book to the toilet while he wants to pee. Will be like ..

Now, Abin can go to the toilet by himself #proudibu.

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