Meet My Best Friend

Yesterday, I went to Citayam Bogor to meet my best friend when I was in senior high school. 

Her name is Ratna. We are friend since the first grade. We were in the same class. 1.3. One of the best moment in my life at that time. They were so kind, funny and full of attention. They often bully me and I love it. hahaha. Some of their name are Dimas, Reno, Shofa, Inggrid, Teguh, Lelen, Linda, Ratri, Irvan, Christina, Kartika, Rafi and so on.. 

We were close each other and in the last term, we went to Bobos for farewell party. We cried a lot. We had so much fun.. ah I miss that moment.

Ratna one of my best friend. She come from Indramayu. We have similar fate. In many ways. We often got bad score, but we did’t take extra lesson from the teacher.. because we didn’t have much money. Lol :p

After school, we often went to her boarding house. Just to gossiping 😮

We often ate jamblang rice in Pasar Gunung Sari. And of course to Grage Mall as well just to hangout haha

We haven’t in the same class in the second and third grade.. but we still keep contact and we ever live together in the same boarding house. Then after graduated from senior high school, we studied in different campus and city but we always keep contact and met each other. And now, after almost 10 years we meet again! Happy

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