Gizidat and Extrafood Review

When we were in Solo last month, Abin was sick. He got tired after long travel by car from Bekasi to Solo. Then the day after, we went to Yogya for our cousin wedding. Then we came back again to Solo. Ini Yogya, Abin seem weak and his temperature was about 38/39.

In Solo, Abin was getting worse. He was very sleepy all day long. Didn’t want to eat anything and after that he started to cough and. Then, we took him to the hospital in PKU. He lost weight for about 1kg.  Huhu.. then I started to look for a vitamin. I got Gizidat from the review and then I contacted the seller from Solo and delivered it by gosend. Thanks gojek!

And how about the result? Gizidat contain honey and prebiotik. I mix it with milk. And so far, after consume it, his weight is come back!

Now, I try to give Abin Extrafood. It’s contain honey, fruit and vegetables. How about the effect? wait for the next two weeks!

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