Bagaimana Menurunkan Berat Badan

Few months ago, I started to think about how to lose my weight. I think about it because I’m overweight and sometime feels that my foot didn’t support my body anymore! so, I should do this as soon as possible. I was searching about many diet method. Many kinds of method like DEBM (diet enak bahagia mengeyangkan), Keto diet, OCD, GM diet and so on. DEBM method you can donwload the guidance 

I read a lot, and to lose weight you have to stop consuming rice/other carbo. So, I did it. The first time, I tried to reduce it not dismiss at all. I was consuming rice three times a day and when I started to diet, I only consume at lunch. Now, I lost my weight. When I started it, my weight was about 70,6 (OMG) and now is about 64kg. And I’m still trying to be more ideal. Maybe till I have below 60kg. So, what’s others things that I have done:

  • Reduce sugar
  • Workout. I often running
  • Consume much fat, meat, fruits and vegetables esp green vegetable, avocado
  • Don’t eat carbo (noodle, meatball, gorengan), if you want it, just in small portion
  • Consume green tea, VCO, santan, cheese, butter
  • Don’t too much cheating (but I do it:(

This is me now 🙂

Slimmer and feel more healthy

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