3 Anak Artis Terlucu 

Hay, tonight I’m gonna share about my fav artist’s children. And you know, they all girls. 😂 it’s a sign that should I pregnant soon and having a baby girl? aamiin..

Hmm.. do you want to know my fav? if I’m tired and bored, I look at my Intagram and see their IG. It’s give my smile back and I feel better. So, here the list!

  • Nastusha Olivia Alinskie

Nastusha is first born form couple Glenn Alinski and Chelsea Olivia. I love natusha very much since she was maybe about less than 1 year. And now, she is about 16 months old. She is learning to speak now and it’s very funny. I’m crazy anythings about her and want to meet this baby someday. Aamiin.. love you nash ..

  • Gempita Nora Martin

Gempita or gempi, is the baby girl from Gisel and Gading. When Gempi was born and months after that, I wasn’t too like her. I don’t know why. She has chubby cheek and that time and fat. But, you know what, now I always waiting for her new video uploded by her mother. Gempi is very smart girl and very cherfull. Her jokes is very natural and often imitate the older people action. She also love singing. Oh Gem.. don’t grow up too fast 😄

  • Arsy Adara

And the last iss… jeng2..


Yes, she is a child of Anang and Ashanty. Arsy is very beautiful and clever. She can speak very well and it’s fast enough for her age. She can communicate like adult people. She love singing and playing.

So husband, let’s make a baby girl.. aamiin

and hope she will be like Nashtusha/Gempi or Arsy or combination of them. Aamiin


  1. Chacha Dwi says:

    Hehehe saya juga nge-fans sama dedek2 bertiga itu mbak 😀

    Kalau yang bukan anaknya artis, ada yang lucu lagi si belle & moonella 🙂

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